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Biographies:  Richard Hughes

richard hughes

Richard Hughes first started playing traditional Irish music almost 50 years ago on the flute and tin whistle for dances in Pittsburgh, and he has been playing music ever since. When a young man he regularly performed at Carnegie Mellon Universityís ceilidhs (kay-lees), and for festivals and concerts throughout the Eastern US and Canada. Now a retired railroad man, Richardís singing has been called a celebration of traditional working life. He has developed and cultivated for more than half a century a mastery of traditional flute and tin whistle music, as well as songs from Scotland, Ireland, America, and Australia.

In 1991 while on a trip to Ireland his singing was recorded by the Irish Traditional Music Archives in Dublin for posterity's sake.

The reality of traditional folk songs enables you as the performer and you as the listener to leave the time you're in and experience in concert that period of history. – Richard Hughes

His performances as a featured performer include:

  • International Poetry Forum
  • Carnegie Ceilidh Society
  • Philadelphia Folk Festival
  • Philadelphia Folksong Society
  • Pennsylvania Council On the Arts
  • Mariposa Folk Festival (Toronto)
  • Eisteddfod Folk Festival (Mass.)
  • World Affairs Council of Pgh. ("Nationalism & Irish Music")
  • Three Rivers Arts Festival (Pgh.)
  • Buffalo Folk Festival (N.Y.)
  • Smoky City Folk Festival (Pgh.)
  • Pennsylvania Festival of Folklife - 1976 Bi-Centennial (Phila.)
  • Calliope House Concert series (Pgh.)
  • Black Pearl (Newport, R.I)
  • Fiddler's Green Folk Club (Toronto)
  • Tri-Works Folk Club (New Bedford)
  • Penn's Landing (Phila.) - Concert on the Gisella Primiera
  • Cambridge Ceilidh Concerts
  • Three Rivers Regatta
  • Mid-Summer Celtic Festival

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